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Our recent Articles


Can power bars make a difference in your home’s energy usage?

Energy use in our homes is influenced by many different factors. These can include how airtight our homes are, the age and efficiency of our heating systems and how energy efficient our appliances are. Now, however, some experts are looking to the power bars that those appliances are plugged into as a way to save […]


Monitor energy usage and get a greener home with an energy consumption meter

If you are trying to find a way to monitor your energy consumption on an ongoing basis, you may want to consider installing an energy consumption meter. There are many different models available. Here is information on what these systems do and how they can help you potentially reduce the amount of money you spend […]

home energy

Grants to Assist Your Home Energy Improvements

Greener Homes Scheme of SEAI is one of the three key renewable energy and conservation grants available in Ireland for domestic systems. Currently the third phase of the scheme is in operation proving it’s popularity. The scheme will make grants for only existing dwellings where you intend to have the existing heating system replaced with […]

Attic insulation

Attic Insulation – A Tiny Measure that brings forth Enormous Benefits

How important is attic insulation in your home? The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)  has an on going scheme of grants called  Home Energy Saving Scheme (HES). This scheme  would allocate Euro 250 if you retrofit your attic insulation, of course subject to their terms and conditions (standard in  any such scheme). If you wonder why only […]

codencing boiler

Condensing Boilers

During operation of a regular boiler the hot exhaust gases are given to the atmosphere. However, addition of a second heat exchanger makes it possible to gain the heat in the exhaust gas which is around 150o – 200o C. In the heat exchanger added the waste gas transfers its heat to the cooler water, […]